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Has Bayern not winning the CL helped Germany win the WC?

Has Bayern not necessarily winning the particular CL helped Germany earn the WC?

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Gerry answered 2 weeks ago

Veda answered two several weeks ago

anon answered two weeks ago

It's the particular Pep effect. Pep Guardiola coached Barcelona before 2010. 8/11 players played regarding Spain often as starters as well as subs. He then coached Bayern. 7/11 Bayern players played often as starters with regard to Germany

Lynda answered 2 several weeks ago

Edwin answered two weeks ago

It could get given all of them just the little much more drive or incentive, since any lot of Germany's players originated from in which team. I feel the ping pong balls played much more of a role as compared to that will though.

Has Bayern certainly not winning the particular CL helped Germany acquire your WC?

Nancy answered 2 months ago

Tony answered two weeks ago

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Tomas answered two a number of months ago

Ettie answered 2 several weeks ago

John answered two months ago

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